Montana State Elks Association — State Major Project

Aid to Rural Volunteer Fire Departments

2022-23 Fundraising Progress

State Major Project fundraising progress

The Montana State Elks Association State Major Project is funded through the generous support of Elks Members statewide by donating a portion of their State Per Capita fee, in addition to local Lodge fundraisers. The mission of the MSEA State Major Project, is to help Montana’s 8,000 Volunteer Firefighters do their job more safely and efficiently.

In the State of Montana, we have over 380 Rural Volunteer Fire Departments who respond to emergencies in our small communities.

72% of these incidents are emergency medical services, fires, weather, explosions and other hazardous situations. They must have the right equipment and training for the situation at hand. 

Most departments depend on donations raised through community activities. They rarely receive funding from taxes and if they do, the tax base is too small to adequately equip and train them for all situations.

Montana Volunteer Fire Departments make up 83.6% of all Montana departments, 13.2% higher than the national average.

There were two on-duty firefighter deaths in 2021.

The purpose of the MSEA State Major Project is to provide monetary assistance for the purchase of equipment and training to better serve the community. Grant money is intended to improve safety and efficiency for Rural Volunteer Firefighters by providing funding for “necessary” equipment and training.

How to Apply

Grant applications are distributed in September each year, through the local Lodges in the State of
Montana. Completed applications are due via USPS or email before December 31st . Grant applications
are evaluated and awards announced at the MSEA Mid-Winter Meeting in January each year.

To contact the State Major Project Committee, please email MSEA State Major Project Committee Chair Dave Elmore at or

How to Donate

To donate to this important cause, please make your check payable to MSEA State Major Project and mail to:
MSEA State Major Project
178 Sunflower Lane
Great Falls, MT 59404