Sara E. Jeanne Scholarship


The Montana State Elks Association, hereinafter referred to as The Sponsor, acting by and through its Trust Fund Committee, in 1977 established a scholarship program consisting of awards to some of the prior winners of the Elks “Most Valuable Student Contest” program and to some students attending Montana educational institutions. The recipients of these awards will be students who have completed their first year of education at a Montana University, College, Vocational Technology school or community college.

We seek to encourage and assist students to complete his/her education and/or vocational training. The awards will place less emphasis on attainment of high grades than do our regular scholarship programs, and more so on the basis of need, effort, activities and community involvement.


1. Completion of one year of study a Montana university, college, vocational technology school or community college, with a cumulative grade point average [GPA] of at least 2.0 or “C”, if a letter grade is used, and an accumulation of at least 45 credits or 30 semester hours.

2. Enrollment and attendance at one of the Montana educational institutions as outlined in Number One above.

3. Have a bonafide and verifiable need for financial assistance.

4. Be of good morals and character.

5. Timely completion and submission of his/her application with supporting documents.


  1. To all winners from the previous year’s MSEA “Most Valuable Student” contest, who meet the requirements of attendance at a Montana educational institution as enumerated above under the heading “Conditions of Eligibility”.
  2. To the Financial Aid Officers or appropriate department of the various institutions of higher education within the State of Montana, who will inform first-year students of the availability of this scholarship program, and who will distribute the applications to those who qualify under the rules promulgated by the committee.
  3. Announcement of award winners will be made at the summer convention of the MSEA.


1. Applicants consent and authorize The Sponsor to retain, use and/or return applications.

2. The Sponsor reserves the right to modify the awards, conditions and/or rules of this scholarship program as it may deem necessary.

3. The Sponsor reserves the right to reject any or all of the applications if it feels it is necessary to do so and to make all final decisions concerning the same.

4. The Sponsor assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the successful applicant’s attendance at Elks Conventions for the purpose of receiving his/her award, or for any other purpose.

5. Actual payment of the awards will be dependent upon the recipient’s enrollment and attendance at a Montana university, college, vocational technology school or community college for a second year of study. The payments may be pro-rated in installments during the school year and shall be made through the various financial aid, registrar or other appropriate agency of the school selected by the recipient.

6. Attendance at the same Montana school for the second year of study is not mandatory, and the award may be transferred to another Montana institute of higher education at the discretion of the recipient.

7. Payments of awards may be delayed at the request of the recipient, if the delay is caused by illness, disability or any other cause. Award recipients are urged and encouraged to contact the Chairman of the Montana Elks Trust Fund Committee as soon as possible to explain any delay in attendance for his/her second year of education.

Applications should be sent to:
Ryan Laqua
12906 County Road 350R
Sidney, MT 59270

Application deadline is usually June 1, contact above person for full details.

Thank you for your interest in the Montana State Elks Association Sara Jenne Scholarship program.