Music Scholarship

Established in 2005, the Montana State Elks Association (MSEA) offers Music Scholarships to Montana graduating high school seniors. The amount of each scholarship will be determined by the Music Scholarship Committee.


The Montana State Elks Association (MSEA) is offering Music Scholarships to instrumentalists and vocalists.  

Application Guidelines:  The applicant must use the official  M.S.E.A. Application.  Signatures and dates are required on Part I of the application form, on each letter of recommendations and the applicant essay.  Typewritten applications are preferred; however, neatly printed applications are acceptable.  Applications and all supporting documents must be in English.

Eligibility: Scholarships will be awarded to graduating high school seniors who are a U.S. Citizen and intends to either major or minor in music performance or education.  In their essay, the applicant must inform us of his/her enrollment plans at a school of higher education.

For more information, please contact John Morford.