Montana State Elks Association Academic Year Music Scholarship Guidelines

Since 1868, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks has been dedicated to serve our communities by holding true to our Cardinal Principle—Charity. One of our proud charitable contributions is in the form of academic scholarships. The Montana State Elks
Association (M.S.E.A.) is offering Music Scholarships to instrumentalists and vocalists.

The completed application must include:
     1. Application Form, Parts I – IV. (Download)
     2. CD Audition (Part V).
     3. Counselor Report/Transcript (Part VI). (Download)
     4. Letters of Recommendation (Part VII).
     5. Applicant Essay (Part VIII).


Application Guidelines: The applicant must use the official M.S.E.A. Application. Signatures and dates are required on
Part I of the application form, on each letter of recommendations and the applicant essay. Typewritten applications are preferred;
however, neatly printed applications are acceptable. Applications and all supporting documents must be in English. (Download Details)


Eligibility: Scholarships will be awarded to graduating high school seniors who are a U.S. Citizen and intends to either major or
minor in music performance or education
. In their essay, the applicant must inform us of his/her enrollment plans at a school of
higher education.

Completed Application: Your application must be in a Mead (or similar brand) paper folder with inside pockets and clasps. Three-
hole punch your application and secure it in the clasps. Elaborate bindings, clear plastic and bulky coverings are discouraged.
Arrange in the order as outlined using the “...checklist” on the last page of the application form.

The application must be postmarked and returned to the M.S.E.A. Music Scholarship Committee by April 26, 2020.
Winners will be announced no later than June 1, 2021

     1. The Application Form: Complete All Parts of the application! All parts are considered in determining eligibility.
Application may be (Downloaded Here)).

     2. CD Audition: Enclose a Compact Disk recording of a solo demonstrating the applicant’s musical interests and strengths. It
is recommended to use a competition piece or be similar in style and difficulty. It is recommended to limit the recording to
5 minutes.


     3. Counselor Report/Transcript: The Counselor Report (Download Here) must be completed by your high school guidance counselor
or appropriate school official. Also include an official current high school transcript of student grades. The transcript must
include 7 th semester classes. It does not need to include 7 th semester grades. SAT or ACT test scores are required.


     4. Letters of Recommendation: Please provide two (2) letters of recommendation: one from a music educator and the other
from a non-music educator (school faculty/administrator or a community member).


     5. Applicant Essay: Prepare an essay of 300 words or less. The essay should include the applicant’s intentions to make music
performance or teaching a central part of her/his future life; clearly state if they are declaring a Major or Minor in music.

For questions about this application  (including where and when to submit) contact:
John Morford, Chairman
M.S.E.A Music Scholarships
604 Orion Way
Livingston, MT 59047